The guided tour of the “cities of tufa” begins in Sovana, a typical medieval-looking village with ancient origins. Here you can admire the Cathedral of St. Peter (XI-XII century), the Church of Santa Maria (XII-XIII century), the Praetorian Square with its palaces and the rich Etruscan necropolis surrounding the village, where there are some of the most important rock-cut tombs of Etruria (IV-III-II century BC), carved directly into the tufa rock. During the walk in the archaeological area, meet the Hildebrand Tomb, the Tomb of the Winged Demons, the Via Cava di Poggio Prisca and the famous Etruscan road called “Cavone”. In the afternoon, the tour continues in Sorano, one of the most characteristic towns of Central Italy. During the visit through a dense network of medieval streets, you can admire the Fortezza Orsini (XI-XII century), the Church of St. Nicholas (XIII-XIV century) which stands on what was once the town’s main square, and the Masso Leopoldino. After leaving Sorano, the day continues with the visit of Pitigliano, perched on top of a tufa rock and also known as “Little Jerusalem” for its quaint narrow streets, the Jewish Ghetto and Synagogue. The main stages of the visit will be the Medici aqueduct, built in 1545 by Antonio da Sangallo, Piazza della Repubblica with the Orsini palace, Gregory VII Square with the Cathedral, the church of St. Mary, the square Becherini and finally via Zuccarelli, heart of the Jewish quarter of Pitigliano.

Rates 2019

Guided tours
Tourist groups (9-25 people)€ 135,00 (Half day tour - max 3 hours)
€ 270,00 (Full day tour -max 6 hours)
For each participant added€ 2,00
€ 4,00
For each additional hour€ 60,00
€ 60,00
Private tours – Individuals (up to 8 people)€ 120,00 (2 hours tour)
For each additional hour€ 60,00
Educational Tour for Students € 120,00 (2 hours tour)