Meet your local guide in “Piazza Guido Monaco” to begin the tour in the Medieval and Renaissance city center. The first stop is the Cathedral with its art treasures. Then on to “Piazza Grande”, with its splendid open gallery designed by Giorgio Vasari. “Piazza Grande” is also dotted with some of the most interesting historic buildings of Arezzo. The tour then moves to Santa Maria della Pieve, a beautiful Romanesque church whose construction dates back to the twelfth century. Another milestone is represented by a visit to the church of San Francesco, which overlooks the homonymous square. Inside the church you can admire the beautiful frescoes by Piero della Francesca, from the cycle The Stories of the True Cross. All the city center has been used to shoot scenes from the famous Roberto Benigni’s movie Life is beautiful.

Entrance fee (optional) church of San Francesco (only for a close-up view of the frescoes).

Arezzo and Cortona, 6 hours; Arezzo, Monterchi and San Sepolcro, 6 hours; Arezzo and La Verna, 6 hours; Arezzo and Anghiari, 6 hours.

Rates 2018

Guided toursHalf day (max 3 hours)Full day (max 6 hours)
Tourist groups (9-25 people)€ 130,00
€ 260,00
For each participant added€ 2,00
€ 4,00
For each additional hour€ 40,00
Private tours – Individuals (up to 8 people)€ 150,00
€ 300,00