San Gimignano and “Vernaccia” wine

Those who wish to combine a visit to the “medieval Manhattan” with the pleasant discovery of the flavors of this land, they can choose to book through your guide a tasting of Vernaccia, the wine produced in the hills of San Gimignano.

Tasting sessions are not free, although the taste of products aimed at their sale is in some cases free of charge.

Rates 2019

Guided tours
Tourist groups (9-25 people)€ 135,00 (Half day tour - max 3 hours)
€ 270,00 (Full day tour -max 6 hours)
For each participant added€ 2,00
€ 4,00
For each additional hour€ 60,00
€ 60,00
Private tours – Individuals (up to 8 people)€ 120,00 (2 hours tour)
For each additional hour€ 60,00
Educational Tour for Students € 120,00 (2 hours tour)