25 Feb 2014
Tuesday 25 February 2014

New year celebrations in Pisa: it’s 2015!

Tuesday 25 February 2014 News

On March 25, Pisa celebrates the Pisan New Year, according to the calendar “Stile Pisano”, nine months in advance on the Gregorian calendar. The celebrations will begin on March 22 and culminate in the celebrations on March 25 .
Since the tenth century, the Pisans decided to match the start of the new year with the Annunciation, nine months before December 25. Thus was born the tradition of the Anno Pisano ab Incarnatione Domini (or Christi) in advance on the common calendar. On March 25, he became the first day of the new calendar year. The first document dated according to the schedule in the Pisan style dates back to 985.
The date of March 25 has a double meaning, because it reminds us of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary and is nearly coincident with the spring equinox, symbolizing the awakening of nature after the harsh winter .
Tuesday, March 25 will be held on parade with hundreds of people in costume ending at the Cathedral in Piazza dei Miracoli. Here at noon a ray of light penetrating from a round window of the nave , hit a marble egg placed on a shelf at the pulpit by Giovanni Pisano and will mark the entry of Pisa in 2015.