26 Jan 2015
Monday 26 January 2015

Oldest Carnival in Italy

Monday 26 January 2015 Events

The oldest Italian Carnival is in Foiano della Chiana (Arezzo). Starting on February 1, street parades, parties, music and shows will take place till March 1. On February 15 a great Cosplay convention during Carnival celebrations: do not miss it! Special shows for kids with Disney characters and the great Carnival floats contest. Typical Carnival.. read more →

26 Jun 2014
Thursday 26 June 2014

Siena Palio: the big day is approaching

Thursday 26 June 2014 Events

On July 2, the famous horse race will be held in the beautiful setting of a crowded Piazza del Campo. These are the ten Contrade that will run the next Palio: Giraffa, Chiocciola, Drago, Tartuca, Selva, Bruco, Aquila, Lupa, Pantera, Onda. Oca was the winning Contrada of the “Palio di Provenzano” 2013 (so it is.. read more →

04 Jun 2014
Wednesday 4 June 2014

Exhibition devoted to Rosso Fiorentino in Volterra

Wednesday 4 June 2014 Events

From 23 May 2014 till 31 December 2015, Volterra will be the scene of “Rosso Fiorentino, rosso vivo. La Deposizione, la Storia, il Novecento, il Contemporaneo” (“Rosso Fiorentino, bright red. Deposition, history, the twentieth century, the Contemporary”), an artistic widespread, with installations in all the most important points of the city, which aims to celebrate.. read more →

03 Mar 2014
Monday 3 March 2014

Spring truffle tasting in Volterra

Monday 3 March 2014 Events

Weekend dedicated to the truffle and quality local products tastings, exhibitions and sales available to the public. The event will be held in the charming scenery of the historical center of Volterra. read more →

25 Feb 2014
Tuesday 25 February 2014

New year celebrations in Pisa: it’s 2015!

Tuesday 25 February 2014 News

On March 25, Pisa celebrates the Pisan New Year, according to the calendar “Stile Pisano”, nine months in advance on the Gregorian calendar. The celebrations will begin on March 22 and culminate in the celebrations on March 25 . read more →

09 Feb 2014
Sunday 9 February 2014

Carnival gets underway in Foiano della Chiana

Sunday 9 February 2014 Events

The 475th edition of the Carnival of Foiano della Chiana (Arezzo), the oldest in Italy, will take place from February 9 to March 9. Italy at the time of the crisis will be told through four allegorical wagons prepared by the yards of the city, and Sunday, February 9 wagons will be unveiled to the.. read more →