13 Jan 2020
Monday 13 January 2020

Best small business in Tuscany – new partnership on the way

Monday 13 January 2020 News

My Tour in Tuscany is pleased to announce that for 2020 our tours in Volterra will be enriched by two new partnerships with two of the best small business in Tuscany. At the end of the visit Volterra, at your choice, you can decide to enjoy a great homemade gelato, at the ice cream parlor Isola del Gusto, or relax in Antica Velathri Cafè, where you can greet your local guide toasting with a fancy drink created for you.

Isola del Gusto are famous for the range of local products used to make an absolutely delicious gelato. Meet the great and enthusiastic staff and you’ll definitely have a reason to come back to Volterra.

Antica Velathri Cafè is a tiny coffe shop where you can sit and have your drink in a complete relax or just stand by the bar and enjoy what the best bartender in town has to tell you about all the products used, and the history of different drinks and cocktails.

We are sure that we have chosen two local excellences and we invite everyone to pay a visit to these two places even outside of our tours. You will not regret it!